MaxiNutrition MAX ZMA

MaxiNutrition MAX ZMA

MAX ZMA is a high quality zinc and magnesium mineral blend with added vitamin B6.

Formerly Maximuscle Max ZMA

  • Zinc for normal testosterone levels
  • Magnesium for protein synthesis
  • Vitamin B6 to support protein metabolism

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30 Capsules/30 servings

 MaxiNutrition MAX ZMA

Recommended Usage - Strength + Power

Every day

Take 1 tablet before sleeping.

Why ZMA?

Unlocking the full benefits from your workouts means using targeted, efficient nutrition, even as you sleep. ZMA is a formula that harnesses the proven power of key vitamins and minerals to assist natural testosterone levels and protein synthesis.


Used by the body to maintain normal testosterone levels.


Magnesium is a mineral that is proven to contribute to protein synthesis.

Vitamin B6

With 100% of your reference intake of vitamin B6 to support your body’s protein metabolism.

Nutrition Information

Per 1 Capsule
Magnesium (as bisglycinate (RDA - 20%) - 76mg
Zinc (as bisglycinate) (RDA-70%) - 7mg
Vitamin B6 (RDA - 100%) - 1.4mg            
Gelatine capsule*
Magnesium Stearate*
Silicon Dioxide*
Titanium Dioxide*
*Inactive ingredients

*May contain milk, soya, egg, celery, fish, crustaceans and nuts.


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Great Product!

Review for ZMA by Stephen from kent on Jan 07, 2013

I have been taking ZMA (Along with Promax extreme) for the 3rd month as directed, in the last 2-3 weeks have gined 12 pounds! My diet is very good so its not due to eating habits! Feel strong, my musclar shape has changed, really filled out.. Size and strength increased..Brilliant!!
Would you recommend this product to others? Yes


Its good

Review for ZMA by Niall the rugby player from Scholes on Jul 29, 2012

Take 1 before bed and youll feal great in morning no tiredness atall
Would you recommend this product to others? Yes


Simple and Effective

Review for ZMA by Nick from Reading on Jul 28, 2012

I have found ZMA can be a love or hate supplement after talking to various people with the majority loving it. It doesn't increase testosterone or muscle gains as much as advertised but what it does do is make you sleep. I have really noticed when I go to bed late and take a dose I'm very tired in the morning and occasionally sleep through my alarm. But when I got to bed at a reasonable time I feel very refreshed. This product will make most people sleep more than normal so ensure you go to bed earlier than normal using this. Otherwise you'll wake up from a deep sleep, which can make you feel worse than if you weren't taking this. The reason why people have a faster recovery rate is largely down to this extra sleep as sleep is so vital in building and repairing muscle. If you have a pre-sleep shake and wondering whether you can take this, you can, you just have to time it right. As calcium inhibits the absorbtion of zinc you need to take this product at least 30 minutes before your shake so that most of the nutrients will be in your system before the calcium hits. So all in all it is a good product, but remember it is more of a recovery product and won't give you massive gains. It will however make you less sore, sleep better/deeper, recover faster an feel better in the morning if you give yourself enough time to sleep.
Would you recommend this product to others? Yes


THE best ZMA!!

Review for ZMA by JonesyJones from Durham on May 24, 2012

Tried other ZMA produce and not felt any benefits, however a friend (and also an 'Elite PT') advised trying Maximuscle ZMA. The results were surprising and pleasent, I now dont feel the 'gym ache' (as much) the following morning and feel i have gained size and lean muscle (with Cyclone) which were the exact effects i was hoping for.[*]
Would you recommend this product to others? Yes


Excellent muscle growth and recovery

Review for ZMA by Schwarzenegger wannabe from London on Mar 18, 2012

Great product for anyone who is looking for gains in size and strength. ZMA greatly reduces recovery which is an important factor in body-building. Also reduces soreness of muscles so its great for rugby players. Would recommend you use it with Cyclone for great muscular gains.
Would you recommend this product to others? Yes


helps muscles :)

Review for ZMA by Griff from North Devon on Dec 22, 2011

good stuff, this is to be taken before bed and it deffinatly helps strains and promotes muscle growth
Would you recommend this product to others? Yes



Review for ZMA by aarronbenn21 from Birmingham on Oct 21, 2011

I have tried a few ZMA products on themarket but i feel the best out ther by far is the Maximuscle brand. after taking a nighttime I feel re-energised the next morning and my muscles dont feel as sore
Would you recommend this product to others? Yes



Review for ZMA by Nick Knight from Devon on Aug 14, 2011

A complicated product to review really, i have used this for a month now and i can notice the difference. Recovery time has droped by 90% and has helped to add an inch onto my arms. Nice and easy to take just once before bed with a glass of water. Top product would recommend to anyone especially anyone looking for that boost.
Would you recommend this product to others? Yes


Superb Product

Review for ZMA by Andy from Scotland on Aug 10, 2011

I use the product in conjunction with intense training in the gym and also running. I find it superb in terms of recovery - seems to assist sleep and repairs the body and mind
Would you recommend this product to others? Yes


1 every night

Review for ZMA by Sam Weightlifter from Norwich on Aug 10, 2011

1 a day before bed easy to remember supplement best stacked with cyclone
Would you recommend this product to others? Yes

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