MaxiNutrition Promax Extreme 908g

MaxiNutrition Promax Extreme 908g

An advanced whey protein shake with muscle building nutrients to support muscle growth, strength and recovery.

Formerly Maximuscle Promax Extreme

  • 23g BioMAX protein for muscle recovery and growth
  • MaxPURE creatine monohydrate for intense power
  • Max ZMA® blend
  • D-aspartic acid

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908g/25 servings

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Recommended Usage - Recover + Rebuild

On the days you train

1 serving after training + 1 serving mid-morning or mid-afternoon

On the days you don’t train

1 serving mid-morning + 1 serving mid-afternoon.

Serving Instructions

For one serving mix 35g of powder (approximately 1 scoop) with 200ml of cold water in a Maxinutrition shaker, available at www.maxishop.com

Why Promax Extreme?

Promax Extreme is a competition-level protein supplement for professional training and athletes. It’s used as part of a structured regime of intense exercise and nutrition to drive effective recovery and support muscle growth.Each serving is packed with 23g of easily digested BioMAX whey protein to assist muscle recovery and growth. Our protein blend naturally contains glutamine and BCAAs. It also contains MaxPURE creatine to boost high-intensity power production. We add our Max ZMA blend, which contains zinc to target a normal testosterone balance. Promax Extreme is an effective way to feed your body with the key nutrients it needs to perform and recover.

High in protein

Each serving is packed with 23g of BioMAX protein. This is a proprietary blend of high quality whey proteins that are easily absorbed by the body to support muscle growth and recovery.

MaxPURE creatine

MaxPURE creatineTwo servings provide the high quality creatine scientifically proven to increase power during high-intensity training.

Max ZMA blend

A formula containing magnesium for protein synthesis, zinc to support normal testosterone levels and vitamin B6, which can contribute to a reduction of fatigue.

Naturally contains BCAAs

Promax Extreme naturally contains the three BCAAs (branched chain amino acids) leucine, isoleucine and valine, which must be provided in your diet since they cannot be made in the body.

D-aspartic acid

Includes 1.2g of D-aspartic acid per serving.

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Promax Extreme is designed to give you the nutrition you need to meet the demands of an athletic lifestyle, but if you’re looking for a convenient way to meet your protein needs on the go, try Maxi-Milk Extreme. With 50g of protein in every 500ml bottle, it’s a great way to get what you need on the move. When not in competition, step down to Promax to maintain muscle and support effective recovery.

Nutrition Information

Typical Values Units Per 100g Per 35g serving
Energy kj 1405 492
Energy kcal 332 116
Protein g 65.7 23
Carbohydrate g 5.3 1.9
of which sugars g 2.8 1.0
Fat g 4.7 1.6
of which saturates g 1.9 0.7
Fibre g 3.0 1.0
Sodium g 0.6 0.2
Vitamin & Minerals

Vitamin B6 μg
1.4 (99%*) 0.5 (35%*)
Magnesium mg
384 (102%*) 135 (36%*)
Zinc mg
7.2 (72%*) 2.5 (25%*)

Other Ingredients

Typical Values Units Per 100g Per 35g serving
D-aspartic acid g 3.4 1.2
Glutamine g 3.7 1.3
BCAAs g 14.9 5.2
Leucine g 7.4 2.6
Isoleucine g 3.8 1.3
Valine g 3.7 1.3
Creatine Monohydrate g 5.5 1.9
- Creatine g 4.8 1.7

*%RDA = Recommended Daily Allowance


Contains milk and soya.

Ingredient information

To see our full ingredients and our label please use the below alternative views.


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Does what it says

Review for Promax Extreme by garymc05 from Northern Ireland on Apr 10, 2012

Bust used before and/or after exercise in my opinion. I work out 4-5 times a week, seen a noticeable difference when i switched from promax to promax extreme. The price far too expensive in my opinion.
Would you recommend this product to others? Yes



Review for Promax Extreme by T from london on Mar 23, 2012

One of the best products ever made. Within 2 weeks I could see real definition.
Would you recommend this product to others? Yes


protein rich energy boosting - fab item

Review for Promax Extreme by vic the exerciser from london on Feb 24, 2012

I use this product daily. I normally use regular promax, but as this was on special offer i bought it, and it's much better that the regular protein one, boosts energy more. Highly recommended, it is pricy, but it's very good item
Would you recommend this product to others? Yes


The Best

Review for Promax Extreme by chopper from Brighton on Feb 14, 2012

Having worked in a supplement shop I have tried and used nearly every protein there is on the market and very few come close to Promax extreme.I use it 3 times a day and find it the best at putting on lean muscle , cyclone was good for me but the weight came on too much too fast.If you want serious lean muscle this is the stuff!A side note though I only buy from maximuscle when it is on offer as at [$] a tub its far too much as other websites sell it for under [$] a tub and it only lasts 2 weeksYesterdays offer 4 tubs for [$] was superb my order went straight in
Would you recommend this product to others? Yes


Amazing !!!

Review for Promax Extreme by The Yacht Master from Scotland on Jan 29, 2012

Great product noticed a difference with a week of taking it
Would you recommend this product to others? Yes


Great Product!

Review for Promax Extreme by Jay R from Sleaford on Dec 19, 2011

Really good product! Have tried Cyclone and normal Promax but this is better than both in my opinion. I am "hard gainer" (which is ideal for triathlon) but even I saw big results in a matter of a few weeks. The added ingredients to make it extreme obviously made the difference. Overall, great product!
Would you recommend this product to others? Yes


Nice product

Review for Promax Extreme by Supermurph from Mansfield on Nov 13, 2011

Crams in the protein without adding fat. Nice taste no after affects. Great bargain on the clearance for £[$].
Would you recommend this product to others? Yes


Extreme is not an understatement!

Review for Promax Extreme by hayzey from London on Nov 01, 2011

Promax Extreme has all the ingredients you require to see some sustainable gains in muscle along with a strong diet and intense workout plan. Easy to use, simply mix with water. Maximuscle suggest 200ml but I tend to go for between 300 - 350ml. With 25g of protein per serving, you are well on your way to supplementing your daily protein requirement whilst training. One of the biggest positives of Promax Extreme however is the addition of glutamine, which aids muscle repair and recovery. 5g of the highest quality creatine monohydrate aids the body with increased strength and power. Overall a fantastic product and value for money if you are after quality products.
Would you recommend this product to others? Yes



Review for Promax Extreme by JC from Cornwall on Sep 25, 2011

Amazing Stuff
Would you recommend this product to others? Yes



Review for Promax Extreme by Irondan from Folkestone on Sep 12, 2011

Would you recommend this product to others? Yes

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No, taking with milk slows down the release of protein. Mixing with milk will also add extra calories

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Yes you can, the amount of water you use will only affect the taste.

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Up to 30 days

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