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MaxiNutrition Promax Lean 1.2kg

MaxiNutrition Promax Lean 1.2kg

An advanced high protein shake to support your lean definition goals.

Formerly Maximuscle Promax Lean

  • 38g protein
  • 125mg caffeine
  • Contains CLA
  • A source of fibre


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1.2kg 20 Servings

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Recommended Usage - Lean Definition

On the days you train

1 serving after training + 1 serving mid-morning or mid-afternoon.

On the days you don’t train

1 serving mid-morning or 1 serving mid-afternoon.

Serving Instructions

For one serving mix 60g of powder (approximately 2 scoops) to 300-350ml of cold water in a Maxinutrition shaker. Shake to blend, and enjoy. Maxinutrition shakers are designed to optimise the flavour and consistency of our shakes, available at www.maxishop.com

Why Promax Lean?

Promax Lean is the all-in-one shake designed to help you achieve a lean and defined body. It is formulated to deliver a high protein load without excess calories, giving you the nutrition to reach your goals. Promax Lean is a blend of BioMAX whey proteins, caffeine and other active ingredients. It contains easily digestible whey proteins to provide the highest quality protein to support muscle definition. As part of a balanced routine of nutrition and training, Promax Lean can help you towards your goals.

High in protein

With 38g of BioMAX whey protein, Promax Lean contains a proprietary blend of high quality whey proteins, easily absorbed by the body to support muscle definition and recovery.


Promax Lean contains guarana extracts.


Proven to boost alertness and attention levels, Promax Lean contains 125mg of caffeine per serving. It makes you feel more alert, gives you greater concentration and better mental focus.

Vitamin B5

Known to assist your energy metabolism and mental performance.


With 1g of conjugated linoleic acid per serving. CLA is a naturally occurring fat that cannot be produced by the body.

Ideal for between meals

Try using Promax Lean between meals as a tasty, protein packed shake to help you meet your individual protein needs.

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Nutrition Information

Typical Values Per 60g
Energy 239kcal
Protein 39.96g
of which sugars
of which saturates
Fibre 2.45g
Sodium 0.18g

Other Ingredients

Typical Values Per 60g
CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid) 1000mg
Guarana seed
Caffeine Total 126mg
Green Tea 25.2mg
Vitamin B5 9.1mg

PLEASE NOTE: Promax Lean contains many proven active ingredients, but are not weight loss shakes. The protein shakes are a lean definition support designed to help you get results as part of a balanced weight loss or definition plan.

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